Analysis of Existing Machines

SoftInWay offers extensive analytical expertise with a goal of evaluating performance, carrying out machine benchmarking, simulating design, and various off-design operational modes. To obtain the geometry of existing machines we can work with different sources of input information, such as; 2D drawings, 3D CAD solid models, and laser scanned data.

A number of performance maps can be generated for different operating conditions. This allows us to clearly achieve performance evaluations. In some cases (compressor characteristics analysis for example) we will help you find the limits of stable operation and uncover potentially weak elements. Our analysis includes:

  • Different types of working fluids (ideal and real gases, gas mixtures, and steam) are available for analysis as well as for the transition to other speeds and/or other flow rates
  • Existing machine analysis can be performed for different cycles to calculate the most effective configuration
  • Different loading conditions - startup and shut down – can also be simulated to evaluate effect of transients on turbine operation

Within the framework of analysis, it is also reasonable to check the impact of sealing types and clearances, etc. on machine performance and effectiveness. Simulation analysis does not require time-consuming and costly experiments on real machines, and reliability of the results is very high.

SoftInWay’s objective is to first assist you in developing your strategy to identify and maintain optimal machine characteristics and then help you execute the most appropriate design.

What machine are you interested in analyzing and what would you like to change about it?

Performance Compressor Map
Performance Compressor Map