ASIRI (Advanced Science & Intelligence Research Institute Corp) leverages SoftInWay’s AxSTREAM turbomachinery platform, to design advanced turbo pump for liquid rocket for Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Tokyo, April 18th, 2016. SoftInWay, Inc. announces that one of the leading research institutes in Japan, ASIRI has expanded collaboration with SoftInWay to the space exploration sector, by using AxSTREAM ® to work on development of an advanced turbo pump for liquid rocket for JAXA. SoftInWay is very proud of this achievement, as the first major Turbo Pump client in Japan, and we hope that the new machines will be better, more efficient than ever before.

Since the release of AxSTREAM™ in 2005, it has been recognized as the “gold standard” software for rapid preliminary design, analysis and optimization of Turbomachinery. In 2015, the software has evolved into a complete design platform, covering a whole range of topics, in addition to design, including FEA, CFD, Cycle Optimization, Rotor Dynamics, etc.

A.S.I.R.I is one of the leading research organizations in Japan, supporting the most advanced space exploration & propulsion initiatives. They have developed many different turbomachines for JAXA and other blue chip companies in Japan, including aero breathing engine, cryogenic turbo pump, and many different other turbines and compressors.  Starting the partnership [ between ASIRI and SoftInWay] many years ago, working together on turbines, and compressors, the companies are very excited about the new advanced in the space exploration turbo pump design that is possible to create thanks to AxSTREAM’s new turbo pump modules.

“We have been focused for several years now on expanding our technological reach beyond traditional turbomachinery, to more advanced fluids, configuration, speeds & locations. We are especially excited about space exploration and propulsion, working with companies like Reaction Engines in UK, major Space Exploration players in US, global and local military and defense contractors, and now one of the most advanced research company and space agency in Asia and the industrialized world. We have carefully studied the market, for rockets, pumps and other hardware that exists, as well as all the simulation software that’s available, and created a software module to add to our platform, that is affordable for everyone, and yet has unrivaled capabilities, flexibility and value to our private, and public customers interested in the race to space”, said Valentine Moroz, COO of SoftInWay Inc.

“A.S.I.R.I is very passionate about designing turbomachinery and has been doing it since 2006, with some team members, with over 30 years of industry experience. Since the beginning of our cooperation with SoftInWay, their software platform has been instrumental in us performing many very interesting projects, and being able to provide our customers with efficient turbomachinery, as well as being able to do it faster than our competitors. SoftInWay’s technical support has been instant, and their passion to solve the problem and commitment to our goals, has been unprecedented. We look forward to a strong future of collaboration and developing technology together!” said Dr. Ota, Managing Director of A.S.I.R.I.

2016 is off to a great start, and both companies feel positive that together they can support the advancement of propulsion and space exploration worldwide.


About ASIRI: Advanced Science & Intelligence Research Institute (ASIRI) has been involved since 2006 in Space and Aero Engine Activities. ASIRI has the skills and capabilities for planning, design and analysis. ASIRI’s highly skilled engineering team has been designing high performance rotating equipment since 2006.
Project engineers have over 30 years of industry experience.
Their experiences help engineers quickly move projects from concept to final design.
Cutting-edge computation fluid dynamic, finite element stress, rotor dynamic and thermal analysis guide the development process.



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