Success Stories

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Space Concordia's Student Rocketry Division approached us with the idea of designing and manufacturing a complete turbopump assembly as their university final year capstone project. Utilizing SoftInWay’s AxSTREAM.SPACE software bundle, they modeled various rocket engine and turbopump cycles, designed the integrated inducer-impeller for both the liquid fuel and liquid oxygen pumps using flow path modules, conducted preliminary design of the turbine featuring a single-stage full-admission supersonic milled nozzle, and performed vibration analysis of the system. Explore the final outcome of this project here:

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UAV Turbines has been hard at work developing a high-speed microturbine engine for the UAV market. UAV Turbines uses AxSTREAM as its software of choice for the development of its microturbine technology including the compressor and turbine components. The company utilizes modules for preliminary design, meanline and streamline analysis, performance mapping, profiling and 3D blade design, FEA, and CFD analysis. UAV Turbines also uses AxCYCLE to simulate and analyze its engine cycle performance. Learn more about UAV Turbine's Monarch 5 turborop engine here:

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AxSTREAM® was purchased by EthosEnergy Italia SpA in 2017 from SoftInWay with the specific purpose of supporting the design phase their rotor LTE/LTA program. AxSTREAM®, with the addition of AxSLICE™ module, is able to capture the geometry directly from any 3D CAD, recognize the flow path, slice the airfoils automatically on many sections and generate the distribution of all the static and total physical properties upstream and downstream each stator and rotor stage. This represents a real advantage with respect to the previous streamline software generation, which was not able to dialogue directly with the 3D CADs and all airfoils geometries had to be input numerically, requiring a huge effort in terms of man-hours. Read more here

Peregrine Turbine Technologies, with the help of SoftInWay’s industry-leading software suite AxSTREAM®, has embarked on a mission to develop a revolutionary type of sCO2 turbine engine which will bring a whole new level of performance, fuel efficiency, and low emissions to the turbine world. Peregrine is leveraging the AxSTREAM® software platform as their design tool of choice for both the compressor and turbine component as well as utilizing SoftInWay’s technical support and engineering services team. Read more about Peregrine's sCO2 turbine engine here.


Reaction Engines LTD collaborated with SoftInWay Inc. to complete work on a preliminary compressor design for the SABRE engine transonic compressor.  Reaction Engines is currently using AxSTREAM® software as their design tool of choice while our technical support staff answers any of their questions. Read about the SABRE Engine here.


The ITRI (Taiwan) and SoftInWay had partnered on a major undertaking in 2012: develop a new and innovative type of ORC Turbine to deliver a superior solution to the heating Alternative Energy Generation market, leveraging AxSTREAM® for blade and flow path design. Mission accomplished.


In 2009, by request of Kutrieb Research (USA), SoftInWay designed a next generation turbojet engine. The resulting design geometry was exported from AxSTREAM® and provided to Kutrieb Research for manufacturing. It was successfully tested for the first time in 2010. Read more about the turbojet engine here.


As long term users of AxSTREAM, Dresser-Rand had kind comments about their experience with the software platform. “I have worked with SoftInWay for several years with both the Turbine and Axial Compressor modules.AxSTREAM is a good general purpose code for flow path design and comparative analysis. The current version allows a lot of flexibility in the configuration of the design that can be evaluated. Generally, the GUI functions well, and the solvers are efficient. The optimization and DOE features are valuable during the design phase. The interaction with Excel makes it easier to extract output data, and create whatever plots that you require. In our experience, the Tech Support has generally been excellent. And they have been willing to listen to suggestions for improvements. There is a learning curve involved to get users up to speed with the features of AxSTREAM. While the Tutorials do show how to do various tasks, in our experience, getting hands-on experience in an AxSTREAM training session, with a knowledgeable instructor, is well worth the cost”