A new year brings new beginnings: SoftInWay launches brand new turbomachinery training courses to its curriculum

BURLINGTON, MASS – As the year winds down yet the holidays just begin, SoftInWay Inc. is at it once again. The new training schedule has been released and for the next two quarters, SoftInWay is providing even more relevant and popular topics that apply to the sector.

Now, engineering professionals can either choose to stay at the office or visit one of four cities – Boston (United States), Bangalore (India), Zug (Switzerland) or Dusseldorf (Germany) – to participate in one of SoftInWay’s comprehensive and beneficial resources.

Two new courses will be implemented; one is available online and in the classroom, and is comprised of designing waste heat recovery systems for improving energy efficiencies in existing and new energy intensive systems. This comprehensive course gives an in-depth insight into cycle analysis and turbine engineering, starting from general discussion like energy systems and opportunities for waste heat recovery and ending with complete design of flow path and 3D blades for the turbine with attachments. The second course is a two day online course over AxCYCLE, their recently-released heat balance calculation tool.

Each course is designed to meet the demands of the engineering industry by providing theory and hands-on experience in turbomachinery flow path. Engineers who are involved in the design and retrofitting of flow paths of turbines, compressors, fans, turbochargers, pumps and thermodynamic cycles are encouraged to join. Current users of AxSTREAM and/or AxCYCLE are also encouraged to join so they can enhance their skills further with the powerful design, analysis and optimization tool.

To view the entire classroom-based schedule for the first half of 2014, click here. To view the online training courses, click here.

SoftInWay also offers special discounts for early registration; attendees can save up to 20% off the entire course price if they sign up two months before the classroom-based training date.

About SoftInWay Inc: SoftInWay Inc. is a global engineering company specializing in the development of efficient turbomachinery. We offer extensive expertise through our training and consulting services along with our flagship software, AxSTREAM™ – for flow path design, redesign, analysis, and optimization. We also offer AxCYCLE™ – for design and simulation of full thermodynamic cycles.  SoftInWay supports over 200 companies worldwide including OEMs, EPCs, and other service providers in power generation, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, automotive and clean tech sectors. For more information about SoftInWay Inc. please visit us at www.softinway.com