A New Instructor for Axial Compressor Fundamentals and AxSTREAM Workshop in Boston, USA (April 23rd – 27th)!

Burlington, MA – February 10th, 2012: A new Turbomachinery Fundamentals Teacher / Consultant joins SoftInWay’s team and efforts to advance the turbomachinery design practice and support our colleagues and clients in designing and optimizing more efficient compressors.

Learn Axial Compressor Fundamentals from an Industry Expert

Mr. Joseph Veres has over 40 years experience in design, analysis and optimization of axial and centrifugal compressors and turbo pumps. His extensive turbomachinery experience consists of research and management positions at NASA Glenn Research Center, Dresser-Rand (formerly Dresser-Clark) and Teledyne Brown (formerly Teledyne CAE). During his time at these research and manufacturing icons, Mr. Veres developed and worked on an impressive number of new turbomachines for Defense, Propulsion and Petrochemical application as well as participated in various Environmental and Educational initiatives.

To know more about Mr. Veres and other SoftInWay teachers, visit: https://softinway.com/education/teachers.asp

SPECIAL BONUS: ALL attendees of the AxSTREAM Workshop will receive a 1-Month Complimentary License to use AxSTREAM software – a value of over $20,000.

Past Students Testimonials:

“The course provided by SoftInWay Inc, fulfilled and in addition surpassed our requirements/expectations. After a thorough update on the theoretical part, the in house program of SoftInWay Inc AxSTREAM was interactively demonstrated by practical test cases, which were accompanied by extensive course material & illustrations. This is an intensive course which I can recommend to anyone in need of theoretical & practical knowledge on turbines. ”

Danny Ketelaar
Sulzer Turbo Services Rotterdam

Course Information:

The SoftInWay program for Boston, USA consists of 2 independent parts, Fundamental Theory of Axial Compressors and AxSTREAM workshop. All students are given the option to take one or both of these courses, based on their interests and objectives.

Part 1. Axial Compressor Fundamentals (April 23 – 24, 2012)

Axial Compressor Fundamentals is the theory part of the program and covers the fundamentals of thermodynamics, gas dynamics, structural analysis, and basics of Axial Compressors and their elements. This comprehensive course expands upon the engineers’ existing knowledge base of axial compressor design and operation and helps them refresh and grow from the perspective of professional development and engineering practice.

Part 2. AxSTREAM Workshop (April 25 – 27, 2012)

The AxSTREAM workshop is a part of the program that teaches the participants to design and optimize the flow paths of turbomachinery equipment using AxSTREAM. During this interactive, hands-on workshop, the engineers will use the AxSTREAM software to successfully perform preliminary design of turbomachinery flow paths, inverse and direct 1D/2D analysis and optimization, 3D profiling/stacking of the airfoils, 3D FEA and CFD, and exporting of results to 3D CAD programs.

The training includes break-out sessions, hands on tutorials, one-on-one design consultation with SoftInWay experts and review of actual test cases. Each attendee can choose a particular track of study based on his/her specific interests.

To register for this course, please visit: https://www.softinway.com/indexe.asp?txtPage=education/registration.asp

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