Reverse Engineering - AxSLICE


The AxSTREAM® Software module, AxSLICE for reverse engineering allows turbomachinery services, OEMs, and overhaul businesses, to evaluate and analyze existing turbomachinery flow paths and develop new high efficiency designs for existing turbines, compressors and pumps.

This can be done through multiple ways of which the most convenient is through the AxSLICE module.

Geometry Recognition using AxSLICE

AxSLICE allows for importing and manipulating geometries from 3D CAD models or cloud of points to extract the profile characteristics of varying turbomachinery such as axial, diagonal and radial blades for use in the AxSTREAM® platform for any number of spanwise sections.


Recognized geometries can be edited or adjusted directly inside the reverse engineering module.


The extracted characteristics of each profile (inlet, outlet and gauging angle, LE/TE radii, chord, etc.) can then be used in the AxSTREAM® platform to run 1D, 2D and 3D calculations for design and off-design conditions, perform redesigns, reratings, optimizations, etc.