Free Webinars for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineers

Approximately every six weeks SoftInWay hosts a free industry webinar for engineers involved in the design and optimization of axial, radial and mixed flow turbomachinery. These hour presentations disclose new approaches to the main mechanical and aerospace turbomachinery engineering challenges.

Discussions often touch on the analysis of axial compressor performance, redesign of steam and gas turbines, etc. A discussion period follows the formal presentation where participants are encouraged to engage in conversations or ask questions. We encourage you to join our mailing list, we will send you advanced notification of upcoming sessions.

 Webinar Schedule:

Maximizing Turbocharger Boost with Advanced Design FeaturesNovember 20, 201410:00 AM EST (EDT)Register
Mini and Micro Gas Turbines Crash CourseOctober, 9, 201410:00 AM EST (EDT)View Recording
Centrifugal Compressor Design: Can You Really Avoid Choke and Surge?
June 26, 201410:00 AM EST (EDT)View recording
An Advanced System to Design Supercritical CO2 Power PlantsMay 15, 201410:00 AM EST (EDT)View recording
Challenges and Solutions to Waste Heat Recovery for Internal Combustion Engines - Part IIApril 23, 201412:30 PM (IST)View recording
Steam and Gas Turbine Design Training Course Preview April 22, 20144:00 PM (IST)View recording
Steam Turbine Series:
Webinar 3: Shortening Start Up and Life Prediction of Critical Components
March 27, 201410:00 AM ESTView recording
Steam Turbine Series:
Webinar 2: Is Feasible to Upgrade My Steam Turbine?
February 12, 201410:00 AM ESTView recording
Steam Turbine Series:
Webinar 1: Developing Reliable, High Perfomance Advanced 3D Blades
January 8, 201410:00 AM ESTView recording
Challenges and Solutions to Waste Heat Recovery for Internal Combustion EnginesDecember 5, 201310:00 AM ESTView recording

Here are some webinar topics we frequently cover and have hosted in the past:

  • Design and Optimize Thermodynamic Cycles
  • Highly Efficient Design and Analysis Techniques for Axial and Centrifugal Pumps
  • Design of the High Efficiency Turbochargers
  • Design of Impulse and Reaction Turbines. Applications for Supercritical CO2 Cycle
  • Modern Approaches to Conceptual Design of Impulse and Reaction Turbines
  • Supercritical CO2 Cycle – Advanced Power Conversion Technology
  • Green energy – Turbomachinery for ORC
  • AxSTREAM for Education
  • Breakthrough Software Tool to design, analyze and optimize Axial and Radial Pumps that are Durable & Efficient: AxSTREAM Hydro
  • AxSTREAM 3 New Features Developed in 2011
  • How and Why to Upgrade Industrial Steam Turbines: Market Analysis, Rationale, Advantages and Challenges
  • Workflow for Optimizing and Manufacturing Turbomachinery Components
  • Retrofitting of Turbomachinery – from Scanned Data to a New Efficient Flow Path
  • Design of Mixed Flow (Axial-Radial) Compressor

You can view all of our past webinars by registering for our User Center. Once you have registered, click on “Webinar Archive” to view the list and watch them – no download required!