Turbomachinery Retrofitting & Upgrades

In addition to new machine design, SoftInWay offers engineering services for retrofitting and upgrading of existing machines. Our engineering team has extensive expertise in this field and will bring outstanding design and analytical capabilities to your projects.

SoftInWay is capable of performing optimization and redesign of existing turbines and compressors taking into consideration both client specification requirements and the limitations of the old geometry (shafts, casings).

Efficiency recovery upgrade options and considerations:

  • Partial replacement of blading on existing stationary and rotating parts
  • Replacement of complete inner blocks (steam path, rotor, inner casing)
  • Replacement of complete turbine sections
  • Introduction of advanced steam path technology
  • Improved gland seal arrangements
  • Centrifugal compressor rerate may include conversion of compressor to new process, fluid, and mass flow. There are a number of possible options to consider, including replacement of blading, developing new law of nozzle rotation, etc.

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