Heat Transfer Simulations

Most machines, such as high-heat turbines (gas and steam), boilers, combustors, etc., require strict control of thermal stresses and expansions. SoftInWay’s tools can calculate parameters of heat transfer between components and outer gas flow. They can also determine temperatures, relative thermal displacements, and thermal stresses.

Our software provides a wide spectrum of heat-related calculations, including startup and shutdown cycles, thermal warp effects on static elements (casings, exhaust hoods), on shafts, warp and displacement of sealings. We can also help you calculate predictions of a machine’s behavior on transient operational modes. If necessary, structural verification can be performed immediately.

Heat-resistant coatings and forced cooling can also be assigned and tested with the understanding that heat calculations are the fundamental base for development of active clearance control.

How is your design team currently handling Heat Transfer Simulation?