Engineering Services Overview

The SoftInWay turbomachinery engineering services team possesses theoretical, academic, and “in-the-field” experience. These are strengths which enable us to offer every exceptional turbomachinery consulting service. We strive to help each client overcome the challenges of their most demanding projects.

Our consulting team is split into five groups. Our practice is to assign at least one person from each group per design project. This allows us to optimize resources, set realistic project deadlines, and keep within budget. Our goal is to become an extension of your internal design team.

Turbomachines mechanical design
Thermodynamic analysis, aero design
3D CFD, 1D, 2D aero analysis
Structural analysis, reliability
Startup and shutdown cycles thermo expansions, clearances evaluation
Conceptual, preliminary and detailed designThermodynamic cycle, heat balance scheme analysis 3D CFD analysis 3D FEA structural analysis HTC calculation
Layout developmentAero flow path final definition 3D FEA modal analysis 3D FEA thermal analysis
Components upgrade Nozzles, blades profiling Rotor dynamic Rotor to stator relative displacement
3D solid modeling 3D airfoils designAxial and radial clearances evaluation
2D drawings Turbo machines off-design modes analysis, MAPs calc. and plotting

Our engineers, scientists, and technical support staff perform all aspects of product design – from conceptual studies to aftermarket support. As part of your extended turbomachinery engineering team we will assist in designing new machines or upgrading existing machines. Our approach will focus on addressing productivity, cost cutting, increased efficiency, and reliability of individual components or entire systems.

Our turbomachinery engineering services team has been chosen by customers across the globe for long-term collaboration in the field of turbo machinery design.

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To read more about specific project areas, click below:

  1. Project Definition and Technical Specifications
  2. Preliminary Design & Feasibility Studies
  3. Research & Development
  4. Analysis of Existing Machines
  5. Turbomachinery Retrofitting & Upgrades
  6. FEA/CFD Analysis
  7. Heat Transfer Simulations
  8. Rotor Dynamics
  9. Complete Design Process (steps 1-8)