AxSTREAM™ for Axial and Mixed Flow Compressors and Fan Design, Analysis and Optimization

Axial - Radial (Mixed Flow Compressor)

Mixed Flow Diagonal Compressor

diagonal compressor

  • The scope of axial compressor design and analysis: flow path with normal (rotor-stator) and single row stages, mixed flow (axial/radial) flow path, multi-section flow path, flow path with counter-rotating rotors.
  • Axial compressor flow path preliminary design/sizing/optimization, choosing the optimal number of compressor stages and cascade angles.
  • Multistage flow path meanline analysis and optimization with support of “as-designed” and “off-design” operational conditions.
  • Meanline analysis of combined axial-radial compressor flow path.
  • Turbomachinery flow path throughflow analysis and stage throughflow analysis with search for optimal blade twist using the optimization methods through design cycle in the interactive mode.
  • Axial compressor analysis and optimization in the “off-designed” mode using the integrated optimizer based on the design-of-experiment (DoE) methodology.
  • Performance map generation including flow path of variable geometry: vanes/blades rotation schedules.
  • Generation, interactive editing, and optimization of the cascades. Flow and boundary layer calculation.
  • 3D airfoil design in the automatic and interactive modes with geometric and strength criteria monitoring; 3D fan and compressor blade design with custom lean and sweep.
  • Custom profiles database.
  • Reusable axial compressor stages libraries.
  • Experimentally confirmed empiric and custom loss models.
  • Embedded fluids library with custom extension option.
  • Embedded material library with custom extension option.
  • Export of 3D blade geometry for detailed CFD analysis to NUMECA, CFX, and Fluent solvers; export of properties of fluids in a table for CFD analysis to CFX™.
  • Export of 3D blade geometry to CAD in IGES formats.
  • Express 3D structural and modal analysis (including Campbell diagram) of axial compressor blade via embedded FEA module with automatic mesh generation – AxSTRESS.
  • 3D CFD flow analysis via embedded CFD calculation solver AxCFD with automatic mesh generation and post-processing of obtained results.
  • Flow charts and charts for blade loading on Profiling module.
  • Detailed Mollier diagram.
  • 1D/2D Streamline solver allows finding compressor surge, stall and choke. It is capable to calculate transonic and subsonic stages of compressor.
  • AxMAP helps develop compressor map and can show dependence of pressure ratio of mass flow and rotation speed.

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