AxSTREAM – Educational Version

The educational versions of AxSTREAM provide students and faculty with state-of-the- art turbo-machinery design and multidisciplinary optimization software at minimal expense. The software can be used to enrich their students educational experience by working with real-world design tools. AxSTREAM is the program of choice for educational institutions wanting who need to focus more time on teaching turbomachinery design and multidisciplinary optimization principles rather than scattering the learning process over separate engineering systems and platforms.

AxSTREAM educational versions are available for:

  • Axial Gas and Steam Turbines
  • Axial Compressor
  • Centrifugal Compressor
  • Radial Turbine

These programs constitute a “learn- as- you- go” course that aids students in understanding the overall design and performance principles of turbo-machinery through the same fully- interactive AxSTREAM™ commercial program used by your industrial customers. The educational version is configured to be easily integrated into the teaching process and course curricula.

With the AxSTREAM educational version, the student (individually or in study teams) will be able to:

  • Design a flow path based on given overall application requirements;
  • Appreciate the interactions between aerodynamic performance and mechanical integrity;
  • Perform design optimization encompassing 1D and 2D direct problem computation;
  • Generate cascade profiles that easily relate to aerodynamic theory;
  • Search for optimal twist law of classic and long blades;
  • Perform fully 3 three dimensional blade design with custom lean and sweep

This powerful software permits allows the students(s) to validate the course theory and gain practical skills. It also allows, students to explore the main steps of real flow path design process and experience “live” interactions between flow path parameters and blade shapes. The convenient and intelligent interface allows the students to test all “what if” variants and provides the ability to check thousands of cases in minutes to find identify suitable sets of design parameters for each stage of design.

“We are pleased to announce our agreement to employ AxSTREAM for teaching Gas Turbines and Turbomachinery during the academic year F09-SP10. The instruction of 3D aspects of design with the sole aid of the blackboard and projector is a vexing endeavor, while AxSTREAM allows ready visualization and modification of spanwise shape distribution. We think that students will gain a much better understanding of 3D considerations using the visual and analytical tools provided by SoftInWay.”
                -The Pennsylvania State University


Key Features:

For the faculty and staff: Unique conceptual turbomachinery design and multidisciplinary optimization tool Fast learning curve Minimal investment, discounts for multiple seats Runs on standard PC or laptop with minimal requirements Easy to implement into curriculum Increases productivity and student interest level
For the student: Easy learning based on “what if” basis scenarios Dynamic learning environment with intuitive Windows based interface Portability – works on any standalone PC or laptop. Develops highly valued, “marketable” design skills


How to Order:

AxSTREAM Educational Version (AEV) is available on as a yearly or quarterly license version.
For AxSTREAM EDU license policy and pricing, please email
To purchase AxSTREAM EDU, contact our sales department.
Support is available on our User Forum.

AxSTREAM Education Version (Axial) Limitations
  • limited number of stations for 2D-calculations and blade design (<=5)
  • limited number of profile points (<= 120) • limited number of projects per session (1 project)
  • limited number of stages in machine (<= 5) for design and analysis
  • ideal gas with custom R and k usage only
  • features such as ATLAS; blade geometry export; optimization #3 for stage; profile optimization by minimal loss are inaccessible.
AxSTREAM Education Version (Radial) Limitations
  • limited number of stations (<= 3);
  • limited number of projects per session (1 project);
  • ideal gas (k=1.4) usage only;
  • features such as ATLAS (profile database) and blade geometry export are inaccessible.
Basic Computer Requirements to run AxSTREAM
  • 32/64-bit Intel® or compatible 2GHz (or higher) processor, minimum 2GB RAM
  • MS Windows XP/Vista/7 operating system
  • graphics adapter with minimal vertical resolution >=800 px, with OpenGL support.