Rotor Dynamics

SoftInWay provides services for rotor dynamics which cover different types of equipment. These services meet American Petroleum Institute and International Organization for Standardization standards. Our engineering experts have been performing rotor dynamic analysis and working on vibration problem-solving for over 25 years.

SoftInWay is able to carry out extremely complicated studies related to unbalanced rotating mass behavior!

Other rotor dynamics capabilities include:

  • Calculations of lateral, axial, and torsional vibrations
  • Campbell diagram analysis for damped and undamped systems
  • Unbalanced or transient responses calculations
  • Computation of rotor system with clearances, full and partial rubbing, external and internal friction, and definition of instability thresholds
  • Computation of rotor system with nonlinear journal/rolling bearings, squeeze-film dampers, and many other types of rotor study

These simulations will help to maintain best performance, stability, and life of machines.

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