Waste Heat Recovery System Webinar

Waste Heat Recovery System Design and Optimization Webinar – Preview to Full Course

10AM US Eastern Time, August 11th, 2016     

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Waste heat recovery – many mention it, few understand it. Learn how you can be part of the future of sustainable engineering.steam plant heat scheme ORC img

Join us for this complimentary 1-hour preview of our intensive 5-day class where we discuss what waste heat is, how it can be recovered, why recover it, etc.

Beyond this initial assessment we dive into the thermodynamic cycles (including organic Rankine cycle technology) that allow converting heat to mechanical/electrical power.

Once the boundary conditions of the different waste heat recovery system components are determined (based on the cycle analysis), the design of the turbomachinery (turbines, pumps/compressors) can begin and will be the most significant part of the full course.

During this short course, we will provide an overview of the full class contents, as well as, a more detailed explanation on how some thermodynamic cycles allow utilizing waste heat to increase the efficiency of a given system. Additionally, the full design process of an ORC turbine will be presented.

The full course also features design examples using the AxSTREAM™ Software platform -the only fully integrated turbomachinery software platform in the market, covering everything from thermodynamic cycles,  component preliminary design to CFD, FEA and rotor dynamics.

Webinar Contents

  • Detailed lecture on thermodynamic cycles for waste heat recovery (WHR) to boost system efficiency
  • Live demonstration of ORC turbine design process
  • Short presentation of the contents of the full course (classroom/online)
  • Definition, sources and assessment of waste heat for feasible recovery

Who should attend?

  • Engineers involved in design and development of systems and technologies for the improving energy efficiencies by recovering waste heat.
  • Professional working on renewable and green energy technology
  • Technocrats and entrepreneurs interested in exploring the opportunities for green energy technology
  • Engineers who are interested in breaking into the field of turbomachinery and want to learn about the waste heat recovery technologies, ORC cycle design and fundamentals of preliminary flow path design and optimization.

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