Vapor Compression Refrigeration System Design

Multidisciplinary Vapor Compression Refrigeration System Design: From Thermodynamic Cycle and Hydraulic Circuit, Through Detailed Component Design, FEA, CFD & Rotor Dynamics

Oct 27th, 2016  | Start Time 10:00 – 11:00 AM EDT  

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Refrigeration units have come a long way. What was once cellars and pits filled with ice and snow has evolved into the modern high-efficiency commercial machines that we know today. Naturally, the development process was accompanied by perpetual complication of operating principles and units design. Currently, refrigeration installations are widely distributed and it is impossible even to imagine a world where they are not used. However, the design process of such systems and their components comes with a set of difficulties and it demands a high level of knowledge in different fields as well as experience and access to effective tools.Centrifugal Compressor cross section

SoftInWay, a leading turbomachinery solutions provider, has accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of optimal design of refrigeration systems and their components. On the basis of our many years of experience and knowledge, a set of special software tools intended to facilitate the efficiency of an engineer’s work was developed.

This webinar is focused on the refrigeration units that operate on the basis of the vapor-compression cycle. We will consider the problems of the refrigeration cycle design and analysis, thermo-hydraulic simulation of cycle parts and detailed compressor design using AxCYCLE, AxSTREAM NET and AxSTREAM software provided by SoftInWay.

The webinar session will include:

  • A Refrigeration Unit Overview
  • Design and Analysis of the Vapor-Compression Cycle
  • Thermo-Hydraulic Simulation of the System Section
  • AxCYCLE and AxSTREAM Interaction
  • Detailed Compressor Design in AxSTREAM including FEA, CFD & Rotor Dynamics

Who should attend:

  • Appliance and Mechanical Engineers working on Vapor Compression Refrigeration System.
  • Engineers, Scientists, and Managers starting or advancing in Design and Analysis of Vapor Compression Refrigeration System
  • Program Managers that want to bring new design capabilities in-house
  • Engineering students looking to expand their knowledge and/or work on Refrigeration Systems
Webinar Schedule: