Thermal-Stress Monitoring and Lifetime Analysis of a Steam Turbine

September 7th, 2017 | Start Time 10:00 – 11:00 AM EDT

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The requirement of the high operational flexibility of combined cycle power plants creates a need for utilization of systems for online monitoring and control of lifetime expenditure of critical steam turbine components. The purpose of online stress control is to assess the actual stress level in the steam turbine and protect it from high thermal stresses by monitoring steam temperature and flow through the turbine during transient and steady state operation. Advanced stress monitoring algorithms are integrated into the turbine control system for the optimal exploitation of the stress limits and lead in fastest start-up time, highest fuel savings and load output, and lowest lifetime consumption.

Rotordynamics Steam Turbine Stress Analysis

SoftInWay, a leading turbomachinery solutions provider, has accumulated a wealth of expertise in the field of thermo-structural and lifetime analyses of steam and gas turbine components. Our many years’ experience is based on a big variety of successfully executed steam and gas turbine upgrade projects. To achieve the highest requirements on reliability and lifetime, a set of special software tools was developed, which also significantly increases the efficiency engineering work.

In this webinar, online monitoring of turbine thermal-stresses and lifetime expenditure technology will be considered. A brief history and the current situation in the field of stress analyzer technology will be given and a special focus will be paid to the technical aspects of the methodology for online stress prediction of critical steam turbine components.

The webinar session will include:

  • An overview of the need for stress analyzer/consumed life monitoring technology
  • Steam turbine components thermal stress and life management in the design stage
  • Online monitoring of turbine temperature and thermal-stress state
  • Sensors/instrumentation technology
  • Heat transfer/stress model optimization for field applications and challenges

Who should attend:

  • Steam/gas turbine operators, who have limited access to information related to online stress analyzer systems and are looking to broaden their knowledge
  • Engineers interested in aspects of improving machine life by stress analysis and control systems
  • Engineering students interested in stress and lifetime analysis technology

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