Thermal-Fluid Simulation for Steam and Gas Turbine Systems

April 19th , 2018 | Start Time 10:00 – 11:00 AM EDT

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Engineers designing steam and gas turbines are faced with the need to build various hydraulic networks. These multi-disciplinary systems include but are not limited to blade cooling and rotor secondary flows, seals, fuel supply systems, lubrication systems, hydraulic control systems, anti-icing pipelines, heat exchangers and much more.

AxSTEAM NETWith this in mind, SoftInWay developed AxSTREAM NET™. Through the use of this software, engineers can easily simulate such networks, composing them from a set of components of varying complexity. AxSTREAM NET™ is designed to model 1D flows while accounting for heat transfer through different means. It provides the users a wide range of hydraulic network components and fluids (both compressible and incompressible), enhances flexibility and user experience enabling creation of custom components and properties through scripts, and runs calculations at steady-state and unsteady (transient)-state regimes.

In this webinar, we will discuss the approach to AxSTREAM NET™ modeling of different systems found in steam and gas turbines, namely end seal modeling for a 40 MW steam turbine, lubrication system modeling for a 500 MW steam turbine, rotor cooling modeling for a 115 MW gas turbine and modeling of compressed air cooling in an intermediate heat exchanger for a 0.5 MW compressor.

The webinar session will include:
  • Description of hydraulic networks of steam and gas turbines and methods of their calculation
  • Potential problems and challenges associated with thermal fluid flow modeling such as leakage flow rates and pressure drops across various turbomachines and solutions to meet these challenges
  • Presentation of steam and gas turbine system modeled in AxSTREAM NET™
  • Review of the software and demonstration of hydraulic network modeling in AxSTREAM NET™
Who should attend:
  • Engineers, managers, and supervisors who want an introduction on how to design and analyze thermal-fluid networks.
  • Engineering professionals working with gas and steam turbine systems.
  • Engineering students looking to expand their knowledge of thermal-fluid flow simulation.

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