Design and Optimization of Axial and Mixed Flow Fans for High Efficiency and Low Noise

May 18th , 2017 | Start Time 10:00 – 11:00 AM EDT 

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Axial and mixed flow fans have been in high demand for a number of years. The application of these machines spans many different industries including automotive, ventilation, military equipment, appliances, and so on. Additionally, there is continued concern placed on energy savings, the growing market, and industrial standards. This has resulted in increased pressure on each and every company in the industry to compete on lifespan, efficiency, environmental and user friendliness, and overall quality.AxSTREAM Image for Photoshop

SoftInWay Inc. currently supports a number of different clients in these industries through the use and application of AxSTREAM® for effective axial and mixed flow fan design. By utilizing AxSTREAM®, clients can develop competitive, high efficiency, and low noise axial and mixed flow fans for different aerodynamic loadings.

This one-hour webinar begins with a brief introduction to the various applications of fans and rapidly advances attendees to the design and optimization process of these machines. The software presentation covers the main design steps, applying an integrated approach along the way.

The webinar session will include:

  • An overview of axial and mixed flow fans and their practical application
  • Requirements of axial and mixed flow fans
  • Noise estimation techniques
  • Axial fan design using the AxSTREAM® software platform
  • Fan blade design and optimization
  • Fan aerodynamic blade loadings and performance simulation

Who should attend:

  • Aerospace, Mechanical, and Development Engineers active in the fan design process
  • Engineers, Scientists, and Managers either starting out or advancing in the design and analysis of fans
  • Program Managers who want to bring new design capabilities in-house
  • Engineering students looking to expand their knowledge and experience

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