Automated Design of an Industrial Steam Turbine

Rapid Steam Turbine Design Utilizing an Integrated Software Platform

June 8th , 2017 | Start Time 10:00 – 11:00 AM EDT 

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Technology has been growing over the past century at an increasingly rapid speed. Projects that once took years are now expected to be completed in a matter of weeks and sacrifice of quality, efficiency, and overall functionality is not an option. Turbomachinery doesn’t just have to work, it has to work well over an increasingly large lifespan. It is with this in mind that engineers, both senior and entry level must have the tools to design machines which are well above industry standard.

AxSTREAM Steam TurbineSince SoftInWay’s software suite AxSTREAM was released in 2005, the fundamental development philosophy fueling future products has always been based off of experience working with customers and understanding their challenges and needs. With continued emphasis being placed on the speed of design, a next generation software tool is needed. It is with this in mind that AxSTREAM ION, a tool which performs optimization tasks and helps to structure and accelerate the overall design process, was developed. Not only does AxSTREAM ION facilitate rapid design, it also allows businesses to input their personal criteria and modeling rules which makes the system intuitive and usable for engineers with limited knowledge and experience

This one hour webinar will focus on best practices for optimizing the design process of an industrial axial steam turbine. Special emphasis will be placed on utilizing automation capabilities and ease of use for even entry level engineers. Attendees will receive an overview of how AxSTREAM, powered by AxSTREAM ION, can quickly and efficiently automate the different components required to complete the flow path design of a 30MW turbine. Other examples may be included.

The webinar session will include:

  • An evolution of turbine design process
  • Modern requirements of the turbomachinery design systems
  • An introduction to AxSTREAM ION engine as a tool for automation of the turbomachinery design process
  • Presentation of AxSTREAM ION capabilities on the example of 30 MW axial steam turbine design
  • Live demonstration of design automation put into real-life examples.

Who should attend:

  • Engineers and scientists looking for new ways to optimize their company’s turbomachinery design process
  • Engineering managers overseeing the design process and tools used
  • Technical managers and service providers looking to improve or expand their product range by incorporating innovative engineering solutions into steam turbine design and analysis
  • Entry level engineers looking to learn more about helpful tools to get them started in the turbomachinery field
  • Professors who wish to utilize specialized tools and resources related to the latest engineering findings

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