Air-Cooled Gas Turbine Design and Analysis

Jan 19th, 2017  | Start Time 10:00 – 11:00 AM EDT  

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For decades, gas turbines have played a vital role in a number of different industries including power generation, aerospace, defense, locomotive, and many more. In a world that strives for constant technological advancement, a real pressure has been put on turbomachinery development companies to keep up. In particular, the ultimate objective is to design a gas turbine that operates at maximum efficiency.

The efficiency of the gas turbine engine can be improved substantially by increasing the firing temperature of the turbine, however, it is important to remember that the surface of the components exposed to the hot gas must reside below a safe working temperature consistent with the mechanical strength and corrosion resistance of the employed materials. For the purposes of maintaining this controlled temperature, engineers developed the technology of cooling gas turbine components via internal convective flows of single-phase gases.  Persistent advancements over the years have facilitated this technology to transition from simple smooth cooling passages to complex geometries involving many different services architectures and fluid-surface interactions.


Gas turbine design, analysis, and optimization has been the foundation of SoftInWay’s expertise since the company’s inception in 1999. Currently, we support over 300 companies worldwide with the development of turbomachinery, through the means of our fully integrated software platform AxSTREAM®.

This 1 hour webinar will describe and demonstrate the cooled gas-turbine design and analysis system (Figure 1), via the utilization of AxSTREAM®, AxSTREAM NET™ and AxCYCLE™. The software presentation walks attendees through the main steps of how to use these tools to develop a highly efficient cooled gas turbine while cutting down on engineering time.

The webinar session will include:

  • An introduction to the cooled gas turbine design and analysis process
  • How to leverage a modern integrated design system to improve the performance of cooled gas turbines while shortening the development process
  • Optimization methods for the thermodynamic cycle of a gas turbine featuring new capabilities of AxCYCLE that incorporate cooling air distributions
  • Turbine aerodynamic performance prediction based on detailed data for secondary flow parameters for design and off design modes
  • Additional aspects related to the design of cooled gas turbines

Who should attend:

  • Engineers actively involved in cooled gas turbine development
  • Mechanical engineers working in the aerospace, marine, or power generation industries who wish to familiarize themselves with a modern integrated software platform
  • Technical managers and service providers looking to improve or expand their product range by incorporating innovative engineering solutions into the turbomachinery design process
  • Professors who are teaching turbomachinery design and wish to utilize specialized tools and resources related to the latest engineering findings.
  • Engineering students looking for a comprehensive and state-of-the-art approach to gas turbomachinery development

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