Rotor Dynamics & Bearing Analysis 2-Day AxSTREAM® Workshop for Professional Designers

Tianjin, China | March 12th - 13th

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Rotordynamics analysisThis training provides participants with a practical understanding of bearing and rotordynamic analyses of multiple types of rotor and rotor train configurations for applications such as steam turbines and gas turbines in power generation, mechanical drive, medical, aerospace, appliances, and more using the AxSTREAM® software platform. It is divided between explanatory parts and hands-on sections where trainees are supervised and helped throughout their progress with the tool. Software exercises will be performed using SoftInWay’s AxSTREAM® suite and covers the full process of rotor-bearing systems modeling and analysis.

Some of the different aspects covered in this interactive, hands-on workshop include the following:

  • Introduction to rotor dynamics and bearing analysis using AxSTREAM®
  • Modeling of different types of radial bearings
    • Rolling element bearings
    • Journal cylindrical bearings
    • Fixed pad bearings
    • Tilting pad bearings
    • Lemon/2- and 4-lobe bearings
    • Gas foil bearings
    • Squeeze-film damper bearings
  • Modeling of thrust bearings
    • Fixed pad bearings
    • Tilting pad bearings
  • Consideration of pockets, oil grooves, misalignment, offset, preload, etc. in design of bearings
  • Steady-state, stability analysis and bearing map calculations
  • Accounting for heat transfer
  • Use of lubricant library
  • Use of material library
  • Transfer of data between AxSTREAM Bearing™ and AxSTREAM RotorDynamics™
  • Rotor and rotor train modeling including mass-inertia components, set up of rotor, bearings, supports, couplings, etc.
  • Static gravity analysis
  • Undamped critical speed analysis for a given number of natural frequencies for both rigid and flexible bearings
  • Critical speed map with determination of support stiffness on calculated critical speeds
  • Damped unbalance response analysis with actual critical speed value, amplification factor and separation margin
  • Stability analysis with Campbell diagram for forward and backward whirl
  • Modal torsional analysis with Campbell diagram for any desired excitation frequency
  • Transient torsional analysis to determine system damping upon short-circuit, etc.

This hands-on workshop lasts 2 days (8 hours per day) and is aimed toward mechanical engineers and engineering managers looking to learn or refresh their knowledge on this software platform for the design, analysis and optimization of turbomachines as well as for tool evaluation purposes, including the following:

  • Engineers involved in the turbomachinery design and optimization process who are looking for ways to improve the lateral and/or torsional response of their rotor-bearing systems using a convenient and easy to use software
  • Engineers who are interested in learning how to use AxSTREAM® for analysis of rotor-bearing systems
  • Engineering professionals interested in learning more about the capabilities of the AxSTREAM® platform, including for evaluation purpose
  • Engineering and turbomachinery scholars interested in learning about the new AxSTREAM® platform features and their impact on the field of turbomachinery
  • Engineering students interested in becoming early adopters of the next generation of turbomachinery optimization tools and learning in depth capabilities of AxSTREAM®

Upon completion, participants will be able to perform all the steps required by industry standards for lateral and torsional analyses and will receive a free 30-day trial license of AxSTREAM® for the modules explored to continue their progress toward building more efficient turbomachinery.


March 12th ~ 13th, 2018


Dr. Roman Kochurov, Lead Mechanical Engineer at SoftInWay Inc.


English (with Dr. Lanzy Xue for support in Chinese)


Academic Building 26, Room B506, Tianjin University (92 Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin)

Cost (No tax included):
  • $600/person for companies
  • $540/person for university professors (10% discount, proper ID proof required)
  • $480/person for students (20% discount, proper ID proof required)

Online payment with PayPal or Bank Wire transfer.

  • SoftInWay Consulting Engineer, Lanzy Xue
  • Wechat ID: lanzyxue
  • Email:
  • Phone:86-182 2129 8763


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