Rocket Engine Turbopump

Rocket Engine Turbopump: From Preliminary Blade Design to CFD & Rotor Dynamics in AxSTREAM® platform.

Sep 29th, 2016  | Start Time 10:00 - 11:00 AM EDT  

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The aerospace industry is booming! On April 2nd, the private spaceflight company Blue Origin successfully launched and landed its New Shepard vehicle for the third time. Landing large rockets for reuse is possible. With the huge leap in liquid-fueled rocket technology, turbopump design and optimization play vital role in space exploration progress and the recycling of these rockets means that now their different components need an increasing robustness instead of being for single use applications.

TurbopumpAt the government level, privatization of space programs and shuttle program cancelation in the U.S. congress are the main drivers for liquid rocket engines. On the engineering side, revolution in materials, exponential growth of computation power, and new modeling techniques drive the liquid rocket engine development.

The aerospace industry is reshaping. It used to be only large corporations and governments building rockets. Now, one might notice more and more small startups are coming to market. SoftInWay cannot only provide a unique experience of solving turbomachinery problems but also a complete tool set to face the challenges. We serve both large corporations and small firms.

This one-hour webinar begins with a brief introduction to liquid rocket engines and rapidly brings attendees to the design and optimization of turbopumps in the AxSTREAM® platform. At the turbomachinery component level a turbopump reduces to the fuel pump, oxidizer pump, and turbine which are discussed in the webinar.

SoftInWay supports number of clients in Aerospace Industry. Many of these clients (including ASIRI, Reaction Engines Ltd and others) utilize our revolutionary platform AxSTREAM® for their turbopump design needs. By working closely with our clients we were able to implement turbopump-specific features to our software platform to help them overcome their challenges, meet deadlines faster and reach higher performances.

SoftInWay performs consultancy in preliminary design, detailed design, blade design, 3D CFD, internal secondary flow analysis, structural analysis, rotor dynamics, and complete 3D design of turbomachines.

A turbopump design is discussed given RL10-A3-3 engine specifications. The software presentation walks attendees through the main steps of the design focusing on the integrated approach of the AxSTREAM® platform.

Webinar Contains:

  • Liquid Rocket Engines Overview
  • Requirements for Pumps and Turbines for Liquid Rocket Engines
  • Fuel Pump of RL10-A3-3 Engine in the AxSTREAM® Platform
  • Pump Blade Design
  • Pump 3D CFD
  • Internal Secondary Flow Analysis
  • Structural FEA
  • Rotor Dynamics of Turbopumps

Who should attend?

  • Aerospace and Mechanical Engineers working on Liquid Rocket Engines
  • Engineers, Scientists, and Managers starting or advancing in Design and Analysis of Liquid Rocket Engines
  • Program Managers that want to bring new design capabilities in-house
  • Engineering students looking to expand their knowledge and/or work on Liquid Rocket Engines

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