Heat Balance Calculation of Steam Turbine and Combined Cycle Power Plants with AxCYCLE™

The objective of this 4-day, 2 hours per day, course is to provide participants with practical training on heat balance calculations of steam and combined cycle power plants with the AxCYCLE™ software as well as to perform their economic evaluation to determine cost indices, return on investment, etc. During this interactive course, the participants will have hands-on training on creating different types of heat balance models through simulation of simple and combined cycles. This comprehensive course gives in-depth insight into AxCYCLE as a cycle design, analysis and optimization tool.

The course scope includes:

  • An introduction to AxCYCLE software
  • AxCYCLE components and how to use them
  • Working fluids selection
  • Cycle assembly
  • Property types
  • An overview of the best practices in AxCYCLE
  • Process diagrams (T-S & P-H)
  • Off-design performance prediction
  • Cycle optimization
  • Steam cycle calculation
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG), condenser and cooling tower simulations
  • Cogeneration simulations
  • Combined cycle simulations
  • Heat balance results post-processing
  • Economics analysis of thermodynamic cycles

Who should attend:

  • Engineers and specialists involved in heat balance calculations
  • Engineering professionals interested in learning more about the capabilities of the AxCYCLE™
  • Engineering students interested in being early adopters of the next generation of turbomachinery system optimization tools and learning in-depths about the capabilities of AxCYCLE™
Steam and Combined Cycles Course Content and Schedule