Turbocharger Design and Performance Matching: Training Course

Turbochargers play an important role in improving the performance, fuel economy and emissions in an internal combustion engine (ICE). Many engineers in the automotive/marine industry lack proper understanding of the techniques for turbocharger matching with the engine and methods for compressor / turbine design, analysis and optimization.

This course provides a comprehensive presentation of the principles of turbochargers, engine-turbocharger matching, and the performance of turbocharged engine systems. This training will give an in-depth insight into turbocharger design, methods for ensuring correct matching of compressor and turbine with the ICE. Advanced turbocharger system concepts like variable geometry turbocharger, compounding, etc. will also be covered.

The scope includes:
  • Energy recovery from exhaust gas
  • Principles of turbocharging
  • Design of turbocharger compressor – conceptual design, detailed design, design and off-design performance including choke, surge and stall
  • Design of turbocharger turbine – preliminary design, detailed design, design and off-design performance maps
  • Blade/impeller profiling and 3D design
  • Structural and vibration analysis
  • Mechanical design of turbochargers
  • Turbocharger compressor and turbine matching
  • Matching of engine and turbocharger
  • State-of-the-art designs
Who should attend:
  • Engineers in the automotive, propulsion and power generation industries to gain an extensive understanding of turbocharger design, performance and matching of engine and turbocharger
  • Engineers who are interested in getting a detailed overview on design of turbocharger compressors and turbines
  • Academicians and students looking for comprehensive theory-rich and hands-on course on turbochargers and/or educational tools.
Examples of Course Schedule and Content

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