Radial Turbine Design: 5 Day Training Course Overview

The goal of this training is to provide engineers with a better understanding of radial turbines and help them find new, more accurate, cost-saving solutions through successful radial turbine design and operation tasks. Starting with the fundamentals and moving onto more advanced topics, this course will give an overview of fluid dynamic and radial turbine design basics before branching into optimization techniques, 3d blade design, FEA, and so on.

This course lasts five days, eight hours per day, and is aimed towards mechanical engineers and engineering managers looking to learn or refresh their knowledge on radial turbines. The curriculum covers a wide range of subject areas and includes hands-on examples and one-on-one instructional interactions with a SoftInWay instructor.

The scope includes:         
  • Fluid dynamics basics
  • Radial turbine design
  • Off-design performance prediction
  • Variable geometry turbines (VGT)
  • Volute sizing, design and aerodynamic
  • Impeller sizing and design
  • Radial turbine optimization
  • 3D blade design
  • Structural and vibration analysis (FEA)
  • CFD of radial turbines
  • Review of some OEM turbine design examples
Who should attend:
  • Engineers hoping to expand their knowledge on radial turbine essentials
  • Design and development engineers of varying industries looking to improve their technical skills in the workplace
  • Technical managers and employees looking to improve or expand the product range by incorporating innovative engineering solutions into the turbomachinery design process
  • Professors that are teaching turbomachinery design and students who are learning about turbomachinery
Date Location Training Register
Dec 18 - 22 Bangalore, KA, India Radial Turbine Register Now
March 26 - 30 Boston, MA, USA Radial Turbine Register Now
May 28 - June 1 Bangalore, KA, India Radial Turbine Register Now
November 19 - 23 Zug, Switzerland Radial Turbine Register Now
November 26 - 30 Boston, MA, USA Radial Turbine Register Now
December 10 - 14 Bangalore, KA, India Radial Turbine Register Now

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