AxSTREAM NET™ Workshop for Professional Designers of Thermal-Fluid Systems Modeling


Dates: September 14-15, 2017
Instructor: Mr. Clement Joly, Lead Engineer at SoftInWay Inc.
Language: English (with Dr. Lanzy Xue for support in Chinese)
Location: Xi’an, China
• $600/person for companies
• $540/person for university professors (10% discount, proper ID proof required)
• $480/person for students (20% discount, proper ID proof required)

Payment: Online payment with PayPal or Bank Wire transfer.
• SoftInWay Consulting Engineer, Lanzy Xue
• Wechat ID: lanzyxue
• Email:
• Phone: 86-147 2123 1765

This training provides participants with a practical understanding of 1D system modeling for thermal-fluid networks using the AxSTREAM NET™ software which is part of the turbomachinery AxSTREAM® software platform. It is divided between lectures and hands-on sections where trainees are supervised and helped throughout their progress with the tool. Software exercises will be performed using SoftInWay’s AxSTREAM NET™ tool and covers different applications related to secondary flows and heat transfer (including cooling) at steady and unsteady (transient) conditions.Cooling Flows

The non-necessity for 3D geometry allows for its use before finalizing the geometries while keeping a good accuracy of the results in a very short computation time. This makes it critical to considerably reduce the iterations time required to optimize performances.

Applications such as use of thermal-fluid networks in power generation, aerospace, micro gas turbine units, heat exchangers, etc. are covered in this interactive, hands-on workshop through the following:

  • Introduction to thermal-fluid systems modeling using AxSTREAM NET™
  • First steps in AxSTREAM NET™ and operations with components
  • Steady-state pipe flow modeling
  • Pipeline modeling
  • Chamber and junction modeling for flow mixing and splitting
  • Scripting of components and properties
  • Unsteady calculation modeling
  • Convection modeling
  • Nozzle cooling flow modeling
  • Rotor blade cooling
  • Secondary flows and seals
  • Gas turbine rotor cooling including rotor-rotor and rotor-stator cavities
  • Post-processing capabilities
  • Multi-run calculations and automation tasks
  • Fluids library

This hands-on workshop lasts 2 days (8 hours per day) and is aimed toward engineers and engineering managers looking to learn or refresh their knowledge on this software for the design, analysis and optimization of thermal-fluid systems as well as for tool evaluation purposes, including the following:

  • Engineers involved in turbomachinery design and optimization processes who are looking for ways to improve their design process and significantly reduce production time;
  • Engineers who are interested in learning how to use AxSTREAM NET™ for modeling of thermal-fluid networks;
  • Engineering professionals interested in learning more about the capabilities of the AxSTREAM NET™ software, including for evaluation purpose;
  • Engineering and turbomachinery scholars interested in learning about secondary flow capabilities with the AxSTREAM® platform.

By the end of the training attendees will be able to navigate the user interface, use the component libraries (including flow, solid, heat transfer, boundary condition elements, etc.), create steady-state and transient (unsteady) scenarios to perform static and dynamic simulations of thermal-fluid systems, use scripting capabilities, layers with images and components as well as groups of components, etc. for systems such as pipelines, heat exchangers, blade cooling, secondary flows, etc. and will receive a free 30-day trial license of AxSTREAM NET™.


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