3-Day Workshop on Thermodynamic Cycle Simulation and Detailed Turbomachinery Design

QR CodeDates: March 6 - 8
Venue: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Technology | SVIT Vasad, Gujarat, India


This 3-day workshop provides participants with a practical understanding of the design, analysis and optimization of flow paths for turbomachinery components and systems using the AxSTREAM® software platform as well as design, analysis and optimization of thermodynamic cycles using AxCYCLE™.

Gas Turbine in AxSTREAM and AxCYCLE

During this interactive, hands-on workshop, engineers will use the AxCYCLE™ platform for thermodynamic cycle design and analysis before moving onto the AxSTREAM® software platform to design turbomachines (including conceptual design, blade profiling, 3D FEA & CFD, etc.)

This workshop will include 3 days of sessions, one-on-one design consultation with our SoftInWay teachers, and review of actual test cases in AxSTREAM® and AxCYCLE™. Upon completion, participants will be able to both design, analyze and optimize multiple types of complete thermodynamic cycles, as well as a complete 3D flow path from basic boundary conditions data.

The scope includes:
  • In-depth introduction to AxCYCLE™ and its functionalities
  • Detailed design, analysis and optimization of thermodynamic cycles (aero engine gas turbines, power plant steam turbine cycles, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems etc).
  • Role of AxSTREAM® in the design process of turbomachinery
  • Preliminary design of turbomachinery
  • Detailed design of turbomachines
  • Design and off-design performance of rotating machinery
  • Optimization of turbomachines
  • Profiling and 3D blade design
  • Structural and vibration analyses (FEA)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis (CFD)
  • Parametric studies and what-if analyses
  • Redesign of existing equipment
Who should attend:
  • Engineers involved in the turbomachinery design and optimization process who are looking for ways to improve the design process and significantly improve production speed
  • Engineers working on thermodynamic cycle simulation and optimization that would like to learn a new, affordable tool that portrays flexibility and efficiency for cycle conceptual phases as well as analysis of existing systems based on few known parameters.
  • Students or professors seeking to expand their educational horizons in turbomachinery component and system design

* Lunch and high tea/refreshments will be provided.
* Seats are limited and registration is based on first come first serve basis.
* All the attendees will be provided the license for AxSTREAM® and AxCYCLE™, valid throughout the duration of the workshop to perform hands-on simulation.