Success Stories




Reaction Engines LTD collaborated with SoftInWay Inc. to complete work on a preliminary compressor design for the SABRE engine transonic compressor.  Reaction Engines is currently using AxSTREAM® software as their design tool of choice while our technical support staff answers any of their questions. Read about the SABRE Engine here.




The ITRI (Taiwan) and SoftInWay had partnered on a major undertaking in 2012: develop a new and innovative type of ORC Turbine to deliver a superior solution to the heating Alternative Energy Generation market, leveraging AxSTREAM® for blade and flow path design. Mission accomplished.


In 2009, by request of Kutrieb Research (USA), SoftInWay designed a next generation turbojet engine. The resulting design geometry was exported from AxSTREAM® and provided to Kutrieb Research for manufacturing. It was successfully tested for the first time in 2010. Read more about the turbojet engine here.


As students in the Axial Turbine Fundamentals course, Dresser-Rand had kind comments about their experience in the classroom setting. “It is an extremely useful and educational course, a must for anyone working within the design and development of turbines. The course has a well thought out approach to the fundamentals of steam properties, turbine blade design and optimization, including many other aspects of complete machine design. The course material is clear and concise, and an excellence source for future reference.